Projector Hire, Screen Hire and Projection Services

Projector Hire/Screen Hire/Projection Services

At Ice and Light Events we provide  hire projectors on a dry hire basis suitable for venues of different sizes. Smaller venues usually utilise our lower output projectors  with luminosity varying from  from 5k Lumens Sony projectors  to 7k Lumens Epson and Mitsubishi. For larger venues we hire the mind numbingly bright 15k Lumens Sanyo XF47.  We also hire self supporting projector screens, our 8x6ft being our most popular size. All of our projectors offer superb quality results, but the ultimate is when you hire a Sanyo XF47 15k Lumens projector.  You are then  hiring an amazing piece of technology......incredibly bright to meet the demands of even  the largest venue. This is the projector we use by choice when we carry out building projections or projection mapping for clients. Sometimes we combine building projection  with LED uplighting and searchlights such as our Space Flowers or Showtec Space Tracer 4kw single beam Colour Changing searchlights.  Why not let us light up your building in a most amazing and unique a fraction of the price you will be charged elsewhere. Contact us for further details or to hire our projectors and free standing screens or simply  to discuss how we can make your venue really stand out from the crowd!

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Projector Hire/Screen Hire/Projection Services

Featured Product Specifications

Clay Paky Rain Spot 575w Gobo effect projector

In addition to video projectors we also have available Gobo projectors in the form of the Griven Goboclip 150w and the Clay Paky Rain spot 575w.  Both are designed for outdoor as well as indoor use and can project a wide range of images to publicise any event or brand , with custom made gobos being produced to your specification.  Ideal for shopping centres at Christmas, events organisers and marketing companies, these superb projectors create a stunning effect at a bargain price.  The cream of the crop is the Clay Paky Rain Spot 575w.

Rain Spot 575 is a powerful outdoor spotlight, with programmable colour changer and graphic effects. It has an IP65 protection rating and 575 W metal iodide lamp. It may be ordered with 4 alternative interchangeable lenses for beam angles of between 18° and 46°. It projects images thanks to interchangeable fixed and rotating gobos with electronic focusing. Images may be multiplied with 4 rotating prisms and colour added with extremely pure dichroic filters. The light intensity may be adjusted with a mechanical dimmer with stop and strobe functions. 

•Effects projector designed for outdoor use (IP65) 
•575W discharge lamp 
•Colour wheel with 7 colours + white 
•4 interchangeable multi-element lenses (beam angles available: 18°, 25°, 35° and 46°) 
•4 rotating gobos + 4 fixed gobos for projecting images 
•All gobos are interchangeable and may be made of metal, monochromatic or multicoloured dichroic glass (for photographic images) or patterned glass (for decorative textures). 
•4 rotating prisms

Martin Exterior 400IP Projector

The latest addition to our collection of Gobo projectors is the incredible Martin Exterior 400IP Projector. The Exterior 400 Image Projector is a powerful tool for integrating textures, patterns and graphics in outdoor lighting designs. At over 7000 lumens, the fixture can be used for bright and dynamic logo projection, as well as precision framing.Using advanced LED technology, the Exterior 400 Image Projector stands apart for its energy efficiency, compact size and incredible design flexibility.  Available now for contract work or available on a dry hire basis at the cheapest price in the UK......guaranteed!

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